Terms and Conditions





Reservations must be made 2 weeks prior to the event date. Short notice events will be handled on a case by case basis.


Balance is due upon arrival. By cash, PayPal or credit card. There is a transaction fee for PayPal and all credit card payments.

Due to the nature of our ‘out of office’ service we need you to take into account that there are circumstances that are beyond our control Such as but not limited to, inclement weather such as rain, hail, lightning, thunder, heavy winds, etc. It is the duty of the event host to notify us of any inclement weather at the events location within 4 hours of the scheduled event. The event can be rescheduled to another day, However, if the host fails to notify us of inclement weather and we make an attempt to arrive at the event location, deposits will become forfeited due to the fact we spent irreplaceable time prepping, loading and transporting animals and equipment.

Due to unpredictable traffic conditions and inclement weather that can vary depending on our distance from the event, please be advised that the scheduled start time of your party is subject to a 30-minute leeway. Although we make every attempt to arrive early and be prepared.

Reserved parking is mandatory for our vehicle and trailer. We need a safe and adequate location to unload and load our animals and equipment. Our rig is approximately 40 feet long and the area needs to be easily accessible. If a spot is not reserved it can and will cut into our set up time and if it forces us to unload in a compromised area. You may be charged a $50 set up fee to help accommodate the extra time and effort we need to put into our set up.

Our pony riding area needs to be free of any obstacles or hazards. We prefer even terrain to avoid tripping or exhausting the animal. We require an area away from jump houses, any play equipment, live bands or any activities that involve items being thrown, hit or that may involve children running around as that may compromise the animal’s concentration and comfort level. Our animals are highly trained and desensitized but they can be unpredictable due to fear and forget their training which can put people at and the animals at risk. Keep in mind if the area is grassy, damage may occur and we are not liable for those damages.

Please be sure to provide a safe and debris free area for our farm animals that is separate from the pony area. This area needs to be a minimum of 12 feet by 12 feet although a bigger area allows for more animals and more room for participants to enjoy the farm animals. The area needs to be free of Landscaping as the animals will consume and destroy all forms of landscaping and we are not responsible
for damage, we also need to keep poisonous plants away from the farm animals so by keeping all landscaping out of reach we are insuring our animal’s well-being. Keep in mind if the area is grassy, damage may occur and we are not liable for those damages.

We reserve the right to include or exclude animals for any reason we deem necessary as we are solely responsible for our animals and we need to consider their health and well-being.


 Please take note of the following rules that the event host and its attendee’s must follow:
ALL children must be supervised at all times. We will not be responsible for injuries or accidents incurred by unsupervised children.

Our farm animals and ponies are living and breathing creatures, not machines. They are to be treated with respect by the event host and all of the host’s attendee’s. No running, chasing, hitting, screaming at, yelling at, throwing at, picking up or exhibiting any threatening behavior towards the animals.

No climbing or sitting on our pens or fencing is allowed. Damages to our equipment by host or host’s attendees will be the sole responsibility of the event host.

All outside food and drinks must be kept far from the animal zone for the safety of the animals. There will be designated food that is appropriate for feeding our animals.

No dogs are allowed anywhere near the animals or ponies. This is for the safety of our animals, ponies and participants. Dogs are unpredictable around livestock and can cause fear induced behavior that can become extremely dangerous to our animals and ponies well being but it can create a very unsafe environment for the participants of the party. If you know there are dogs at the designated location of the event, all efforts must be made to secure the dog(s) out of sight in an adequate location.

Closed toed shoes are required for any participant to ride a pony. Shoes in general are Required for entry into the animal zone.

No smoking is allowed anywhere near our ponies, farm animals or handlers.

Only handlers are allowed to handle the ponies or animals at any time. Parents may be near their children when riding and may take pictures but they are not to interfere with the handler as they are trained professionals.


Hand sanitizer will be provided near our animal zone and pony rides, please instruct participants to use it often.

If at any time the party becomes unsafe or dangerous we reserve the right to leave without a refund.